Farewell the Beautiful Ones

Danielle in the 1990ies by some friend
Danielle (Les Belles Choses) by a friend 1990ies

Those were the words written on her last postcard. But it wasn’t here who wrote but we did.

She called me, that 4th of July 2007. Whether I could drive her to the hospital, she was not feeling well. A year ago, they had detected quite severe cervical cancer. She…

The woman the poem is dedicated to
Danielle by Ulrike Miller, Berlin 1985

Aix-Marseille university, a crowded lecture room

Enters an angel, a princess out of a dream

A glimpse of blue eyes from outer space

Aims at my heart. I’m completely amazed

Her smile is enchanting its magic art

I fall for her right from the start

One day she decides to…

Hi Bicho,

we are moving from our flat. I started the management for this band Big Jack's Revenge and I'm the Creative Director. I'm in charge of conceiving the complete artwork, cover, video.

I mean I love this kind of work and I'm member of the band. But I'm so ambitious. Hard rock ist so cool as background for SciFi Fantasy stories and stuff...

Also Land unter (the expression comes from the sea. When the flood is so high, that the land is covered (under the water) Hence "Land unter".

🖋🥁📷 rocknrolll

Ulf A. Fischbeck

Being a writer since 1985 without noticing it. Writing about whatever comes into my mind. Let’s make this World a better place. Rocknrolll shalt rule again!

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